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Our Mission

A full-time information security team is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for any business today. Unfortunately, hiring a dedicated infosec team is out of reach for most organizations. At Dalek Security, our mission is to equip your organization with a global team of certified, qualified, and experienced individuals at a reasonable price.

How it Works

There is no "one size fits all" strategy for enterprise security. What might be seen as a major risk to a financial institution might not be as concerning to a chain of restaurants, for example. Every organization needs a strategy that's tailored to their environment and threat vectors. With that in mind, we will meet with each organization to gather all of the necessary information needed to establish a clear understanding of who and what we're protecting. By the end of our engagements, you will have a custom security plan tailored to your organization, enforced by a full time security team at a fraction of the cost.

Introduction & Vulnerability Assessment

The initial engagement will be spent establishing a thorough understanding of your organization's business functions, needs, and current security posture.

Recommendations for Hardening

Once a vulnerability assessment and penetration test has been conducted, we will go over the specific areas of your business that need to be addressed in order to harden your infrastructure.

Implementation & Reporting

Once your security posture is optimal, we will implement our minimally invasive tools to monitor your network and endpoints. We provide detailed reporting of the current state of your security so that you're always aware of what's going on.

“The care and attention to detail paid by the whole team at Dalek Security is really second to none. It comes as no surprise to me that they work with some of the industry leaders and attract top talent worldwide”
Owen Merck

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